Vīrya is a Sanskrit word that means creative potency which is defined as the “non-changing cause of the everyday changing universe”.

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When you use Vīrya’s guided meditation to start and end your twice-daily Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending practice, you are able to let go and dive deep into Being Awareness.

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VLīS or (Vīrya’s Life īmpact Survey) is a quick and, simple, yet informative survey that helps you track the beneficial experiences of your AST dives.

VLīS® trends help you track the benefits of your practice over time

VLīS trends help users track the common beneficial experiences that take place after meditation over time.



At the heart of all Meditation traditions, they describe a state beyond ordinary waking experience

Mantra based Automatic Self- Transcending Techniques transcend the thinking and feeling processes to reveal a non-dual state of pure self-awareness—a state of “Being” rather than “Thinking” or “Doing”. This state is called pure consciousness or No Mind.

What is a Mantra-based Auto Self Transcending Technique?

In the Advaita Vedantic (Non-Dual) tradition a “mantra” is used as a device to easily guide the mind to quieter states of awareness. The cycle of thinking and returning to the mantra requires no concentration or force.

This process of moving the mind inward without any effort is called Automatic Self Transcending and it utilizes the specific sound value of the “mantra” to draw attention inward and permit the mind to experience a restful but alert state of consciousness or Pure Awareness (No Mind) and as a byproduct helps the body rest & heal deeply.

How do I know if my mediation practice is a Mantra based Auto Self Transcending Technique?

There are two main characteristics of a Mantra based Auto Self Transcending Technique.


The use of a Mantra

The technique asks you to think or repeat a mantra, or “a sound without meaning”, mentally and then going back to the mantra when it is forgotten. The mantra that was given to you is meant to be special and was specifically designed to help you transcend within. You are asked to keep it sacred, to not share it with anyone, or even speak out loud.


The experience must be Effortless

When Auto Self Transcending, thinking of the mantra becomes secondary to pure self-awareness. The process of repeating the mantra eventually dissolves into pure conciousness, without trying. The process of Transcending is an automatic & effortless process, conducted by the natural tendency of the mind to move inward. Any concentration of the mind will lead to an increase in cognitive activity and thus the mind cannot transcend.

What is not considered a Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending Technique?

Some mantra based meditations ask you to keep the mantra in your awareness & not transcend it, or connecting the mantra with your body, and personalizing the meaning of the mantra – these types of mediation do not allow you to transcend the mantra and thus are not considered a Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending Technique.


No Mind or Pure Consciousness is the ground state of mental activity that is not bounded by any thought or perception.

The experience of Pure Consciousness (content-free), is characterized by the EEG biomarker of high Alpha 1 coherence, which is the degree of integration between the left and right prefrontal executive cortex.

An associated experience of NO Mind – the experience of “transcending” may include thoughts along with deep relaxation, sense of well being, and the experience of unbounded bliss.

Our Research behind Non Dual experience and the Transcendental Self or “Being”.

In the Vedic tradition, the ancient predecessor culture of the Hindu tradition, Transcendental (Pure) Consciousness or No Mind is called “the Fourth” or Turiya.

NO Mind or Pure consciousness is pure in that it is Self-awareness free from changing mental content. It is written in the Katha Upanishad, which discusses the nature of No mind or pure consciousness, as the Self that is without sound, without touch, and without form – Transcendental Self or “Being”.

At Vīrya, we are committed to the tracking and analysis of the neuropsychology during Non Dual States or the experience of “Being” using EEG wearables. Our research & development team includes the world’s leading expert in the scientific study of using Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending techniques to access Non Dual states within oneself. We plan to pave the way for our modern understanding of the benefits of daily exposure to the Non Dual states or “Being” & the effectiveness in stress removal and increase in performance that takes place as a result of these daily experiences.

What’s the point of analyzing the EEG data of my meditation?

Your subjective experience does not capture every second of a meditation session. Therefore, it’s easy to doubt whether you had a successful meditation or not. Vīrya’s real-time EEG analysis records every second of your Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending Technique, revealing the truth of your session.

Vīrya tracks mantra-based auto-self transcending technique using real-time EEG data from wearables.

Was I Transcending?

Vīrya tracks & analyzes the amount of time your brain experienced “transcending” during Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending Technique. This is accomplished by analyzing your Interhemispheric alpha-1 frontal EEG coherence levels.

Was there Stress Release?

Stress Release, or physiological normalization, is a byproduct of exposing the body/mind to pure consciousness or No Mind. Find out how much time your body spent in homeostatic balancing during your Mantra Based Auto Self Transcending (AST) Technique.

What was the Quality of my dive?

Every dive is unique! The amount of stress in your nervous system on any given day determines the quality of your meditation. Vīrya’s Quality Index organizes your daily episodes of transcending, stress release, and the cycling between the two into a simple, easy-to-read report.




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